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Activities with Singles- OurDate


How to make new friends? How to meet the one?
Dating apps look like a brilliant idea to find love at first but turned into something burning out our energy.

In this journey, I craft engaging experiences that emphasise genuine connections, aiming to reignite the spark of human interaction and guide them towards authentic friendships and fulfilling encounters.

Let's reimagine the way we connect and embrace a new chapter of meaningful relationships!

This is a big project, I am involved in the Event curate team, App team, Website team, and Marketing team as a Ux/Ui and Digital Designer.

Problem Statement

Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, and other mainstream dating apps all revolve around swiping, profiles, and online matching. Interestingly, apart from Bumble, they all stem from the same company - Essentially, they share similar designs but employ diverse marketing strategies.


While dating apps may prove fruitful for some, resembling a stroke of luck, others encounter numerous issues. Catfishing, ghosting, trust concerns, and the dehumanization of others have become prevalent. Our research indicates that 80% of men struggle to secure dates, while 80% of women encounter only dating gamers. While dating apps excel in casual relationships, they often fall short when it comes to genuine connections.

The problem: People can't find genuine connections through dating apps

Our Mission: Help people find love and genuine connections.

I set up interviews with 10 people who used dating apps and researched dating groups on social media, to dig into the problems and mix the problems with the persona. 


Hessie, 32y, profession

"I'm tired of dating apps, it's an endless situationship maker. I wish there are something can bring up a healthy way to meet new people, building connections.

Goals & Needs
- Find a genuine connection
- Trustable and quality people
- Safe and healthy environment for meet up

- A lot Catfishing, Ghosting, Dating Gamers on dating apps.
- Message always lead to nothing, same conversation again and again.
- It's difficult to trust people on dating apps.

Lance, 41y, CEO

"I don't have time for messaging people and trying to ask them out, especially I have 2 kids to take care of. It takes too much effort to ask people out on dating apps. And the personality, value, and are we really match need to based on the time we spent, it is totally different from a profile only,  you will never know this person until you really meet up and spend time with her."

Goals & Needs
- Find love efficiently.
- Meet people who also looking for the same thing.

- A lot of effort, swiping,  matching to messaging, but no date.
- Encounter a lot of Spam, fake photos.


Pain Point

Main problems:
People can't find genuine connection through dating apps, since the inefficient and untrusted environment.

1.No Efficiency: 
a. swiping/messages but no date

b. it will never be real till you meet in person
c. always be 1:1

2.No Trust:
a.catfishing/ ghosting/ spam
b.It is more anonymous, easy to hide and lies

Explore & Strategy

Current dating apps situation:
Swiping - Match - Message - Meet up or not
We can see the "swiping" "profile first" is the easiest (comfort) way, but not efficient and not working for most of the people who is finding love.
In the end we all gotta meet in person, why we waste most of our time working for dating apps?

I talked to 24 couples with they successful love stories, and here are the ways about how people finding love in nowadays.

- Join event: 7 couples

- In daily life (include regular activities): 5 couples
- Friend's recommendation: 5 couples
- Online (Apps, Social media, Games): 7 couples
  here are some "successful tips" from this series couples
  a. Need to be patience and firm to filter out some one not suitable and tolerate the boring message part, but still can't skip it because if you skip this process, people will think you are casual
  b. at first, he thought it will just the love game and broke her heart lot of times, but he fall in love with this girl in the end
c. stop picturing people you haven't meet in your head, generally they will have some different part from they profile, accept they are just real people same as you.

We can see internet still help a lot, but you have  to be lucky enough.

Design direction

1. efficient:
a. meet people directly through the event/ activities you love

b. meet in the group, reach out to more people at once
c. meet people in your daily life
d. easy way to reach out to people
a. community support, profile transparency

b. friend's recommendation, everyone can be the connector
c. focus on real life meet up

Design process

This is a huge and long project, we met a load of problems and I will only mention a few crucial problems and how I solve them.

Final delivery

The project still defining and testing, but here is the latest update for all of my work

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